Emma's Eco Endeavour.

If I had to pick one woman of the current millennial, pop culture moment who embodies the ideals of the "power of one" it would be Emma Watson. Given that she has single handedly changed the face of feminism in mainstream media through her 2014 HeForShe speech, as well as earned a degree in English Literature from the prestigious Brown University, I am hardly taken aback by her recent vocalization of issues surrounding environmental sustainability. (I am also amazed by her seeming perfection. I also think I may be in love with her.)

While choosing fashion as her avenue for this articulation is perhaps unexpected for some, it seems to me that Emma Watson is exactly the kind of tuned in that we need. The term "sustainable fashion" has for too long felt like an oxymoron to me. ... Watson has proved me wrong. Insert: The Press Tour

As Watson embarks on her press tour for the upcoming Beauty and the Beast release, she has began curating an Instagram account to chronicle her looks worn across the world, each look being entirely sustainable Each ensemble posted on @thepresstour has been approved.

Why do I care? The same reason you might, our earth is on a distinct decline.

More importantly, Watson explains that this is hardly separate from women's' issues.

The words second hand used to hurt my snobbish brain, so I just started 

All images via The Press Tour / @the_press_tour